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Children on Class Visit to learn about History.

The Museum of Southern History was established to maintain and perpetuate an educational facility for those who are interested in the history of the United States, its early problems and difficulties in becoming the Nation it is today.  The museum is dedicated to historical accuracy in presenting the lifestyle and culture of the Antebellum South, a unique civilization, misunderstood by many, belittled and misrepresented by some, but deeply revered by the grateful descendants of the brave men and women whose sacrifices and dedication to a cause that created a chapter in our nation’s history that is unmatched. Special attention is given to the education of young people as groups of school children are given basic education in our nation’s history in the hope that they will better understand and perhaps develop an interest in learning more about their history.

Trying to trace your “roots” the Museum's 4,000 volume research library might be of assistance to you.  In it's library are rosters of both Confederate and Union soldiers who fought in the war.  The Museum's research library can assist you in locating individual soldiers histories, battles and leaders of both sides.  Members may check the majority of our material out while daily visitors are free to browse.

Operating Hours
Tuesday - Saturday
10 AM - 4 PM

A donation of three dollars would be appreciated from adults.
Children under sixteen are permitted without charge.

Please stop by for a visit or arrange a tour for your groups
by calling the Museum at 904-388-3574.


The Museum of Southern History was established in 1975 by the Kirby Smith Camp 1209, Sons of Confederate Veterans. For seven years, artifacts and memorabilia were collected and stored in the homes of board members. In 1982 these gifts were displayed in public for their first viewing in a small office in the Ortega area. On February 26, 1994, the Museum opened its new facilities with 3500 square feet, and a library that contains over 2500 volumes.

On October 30, 2001, the museum was renamed the G. Howard Bryan Museum of Southern History in recognition and gratitude for the many years of support and guidance provided by this true Southern gentleman

The Kirby-Smith Camp #1209, Sons of Confederate Veterans
holds it meeting  on the third Tuesday of each month at:
 G. Howard Bryan Museum of Southern History

The Museum is a non profit organization under IRS Code 501.3(c). They gladly
accept donations of artifacts, books, etc and will accept display items
on a loan basis. Once again, please come by or contact the Museum for further